Our ‘near as we can’ principle means we source our products as locally as we can without any compromise on quality. We believe that linking producers with consumers enables you to have full confidence in the food you are buying. Britain has a vibrant, world class range of artisanal products and we are committed to bringing the best of these to our shop.



Buying from Partisan is all about the experience. The sights, smells and tastes in the shop are all there to whet your appetite. We are proud of the produce we sell and are confident that our enthusiasm and knowledge will enable you to make the right purchases for you.



We are here to be part of Guildford for the long-term and we are always interested in ways to collaborate with other members of the community, both food based and otherwise. We are interested in your thoughts and feedback on what you would like from your local cheesemonger & delicatessen, so please get in touch on